Anyone expecting this year’s International Baking Industry Exposition to be largely a repeat of the 2007 and earlier Baking Expos is in for a surprise this year on Sept. 26. And the changes go far beyond a move to Las Vegas from Orlando.

A conversation last week with the heads of the I.B.I.E. committee underscored the considerable thought that has gone into enhancing the triennial event, now about 10 weeks away. Reflecting both consolidation in baking and allied industries and the increased overlap between segments of baking, the planners have expanded the show to carve a larger place for retail bakers, artisan bakers, tortilla makers and bakers from international markets. Major steps taken to bring these segments to Baking Expo and create greater critical mass at I.B.I.E. give meaning to the show’s tagline, “Where the Industry Unites.”

To make the Baking Expo even more dynamic, attendees will be able to watch three separate high-profile competitions, including the Louis Lesaffre Cup competition for the Americas. Explaining these and other changes, I.B.I.E. committee chairman Rich Hoskins said, “We need to create value for those coming to the show, the exhibitors and the attendees.”
Similarly, the educational programs that are part of I.B.I.E. have been revamped.

“The seminar program will be five times larger and broader in scope than at the prior show thanks to additional sessions offered by our new show partners,” said Mike Beaty, I.B.I.E. committee vice-chairman. “We expect to attract a wide range of participants from across the industry.”

The intelligent analysis that has gone into shaping the event should give bakers and allied suppliers great confidence as they finalize plans for participating in this year’s Baking Expo.