Nutrition bars and high-protein products are reaching a pinnacle of demand as consumers seek out healthy indulgences that also aid in satiety, a benefit protein is known for. Until recently, the bar market has been saturated with every sweet variety imaginable. Today, the landscape is changing with Kind Healthy Snacks’ launch of STRONG & KIND, the New York-based company’s first-ever savory snack line.

“For months our consumers have been asking about savory flavors,” said Katie Nahoum, senior brand manager, Kind, “and we knew we could satisfy what they were craving by providing a new, unique range of bold flavors in a way that’s healthy, easy to eat on-the-go and in an all-natural form.”

Flavors for the new line, which have a suggested retail price of $1.79 per 1.6-oz bar, include Honey Smoked BBQ, Honey Mustard, Roasted Jalapeño, Hickory Smoked and Thai Sweet Chili. “As a team, we found ourselves craving bold, savory flavored snacks but were disappointed with the options available today as almost all of them are void of positive nutrition,” said Daniel Lubetzky, founder and CEO of Kind. “We set out to fix that by crafting savory snacks that deliver on both health and taste. It took us years to crack the code and develop STRONG & KIND. The new line delivers strong, bold flavors from nutritionally rich ingredients that people can feel good about eating.”

With 10 g natural protein, the STRONG & KIND line uses a mix of whole almonds, seeds and legumes to boost protein content and provide the nine amino acids that the body can’t produce on its own, according to the company. “As our legume source, we use pea protein,” Ms. Nahoum said. “It is also highly digestible, and its unique combination of essential amino acids makes it effective at rebuilding muscles after exercise.”

Marketed toward “millennial males” between the ages of 18-34, the STRONG & KIND line is also aimed at changing the way people view strength as well as kindness. “More than just a product, STRONG & KIND is a movement that looks to define kindness for what it really is — the greatest show of human strength,” Ms. Nahoum explained. To achieve this, Kind partnered with NBA all-star Kevin Durant, who has a reputation as “the strongest and kindest guy in the NBA,” according to the company. “Not only is Kevin Durant one of the most widely recognized and well-respected players in the NBA, but he also is known for his incredible humility and generosity, making him the ideal embodiment of what it means to be strong and kind,” Ms. Nahoum said.

Kind is asking consumers to visit the website to support the company’s $1 million donation to the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation. The donation will be used to create programming for at-risk youth. On the site, users are encouraged to “take the pledge,” which includes looking out for others who can’t look out for themselves or simply being “STRONG & KIND.”