When designing its new Ultra 893 Bag Closing system, Kwik Lok Corp., Yakima, WA, worked to make the machine compatible with Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)’s strict safety requirements for bakery machinery.

“It’s a higher-priced machine than we’ve sold in the past, but in a high-speed line — particularly in California where CalOSHA is very strict — bakers have opted for this machine because of its speed and reliability,” said Gary Ellington, regional sales manager, Kwik Lok. According to Mr. Ellington, the Ultra 893 can be found in several high-speed bun and bread plants in California because it meets these regulations while maintaining high speeds. The Ultra 893 can close 100 bags per minute, and its motors and ease of maintenance keep it running that fast.

The machine meets OSHA requirements with a shielding that protects operators and safety switches that shut the machine off if someone removes a guard.