Baking multiple products at the same time in a single oven is possible in an oven from WP Kemper Bakery Systems, Sheldon, CT. The Megador multilevel oven allows different bake temperatures and bake times.

“In a 6-level Megador, three levels could be baking breads with a 1-hour bake time at 350°F while the other three levels could be baking rolls at 20 minutes at a different temperature,” said Jim Souza, WP Kemper’s vice-president and director of industrial sales. The Thermador is a more traditional tunnel oven offered by the company, but it also provides a great deal of versatility, he noted.

While many ovens feature convection heat with variable speeds of airflow, Mr. Souza said bakers have not exploited this feature enough to make their ovens even more flexible. “We can move the air in the direction of travel of the product and also reverse it against the product flow,” he said. “We can also move air vertically up and down as well as across the product.”

The Matador and Thermador’s modular designs allow them to be expanded when the facility needs increased capacity. “When speaking with the end user, we will talk about today as well as where they may want to be in two years, five years and even 10 years,” Mr. Sousa said.