Even if bakeries already use a bulk ingredient handling system, they can still benefit from storing these ingredients in indoor silos.

Indoor bulk storage provides the ability to control temperature and humidity, thus reducing a bakery’s overall costs, according to Kevin Rohwer, vice-president, Contemar Silo Systems, Concord, ON. The company’s specialty is turnkey, indoor dry bulk ingredient handling systems with Krause Flexible Fabric Silos manufactured in Germany. “Using these silos, we can design high-quality systems that are cost-effective for the entire range of the wholesale bakery market,” he added.

KB Systems, Inc., Bangor, PA, offers both indoor and outdoor systems, and its indoor systems provide a number of advantages, noted Michael Palmer, the company’s general manager. For example, indoor silos present an economical approach to bulk storage. Also, bakeries don’t need to pour a pad. “Our modular design allows us to accommodate a large capacity within a relatively small area,” he said. “This type of storage unit will take up the area where the pallets of flour are usually stored. This will free up a lot of needed real estate for the bakery. With the savings of going to bulk from bag, bakers can focus on obtaining other pieces of necessary equipment.”