Increasing throughput is always a baker’s goal no matter the process. Whether it’s the proofer, oven or freezer, bakers want equipment that will help max out their capacity and keep the line moving. The defrost time on freezers for routine maintenance can slow a bakery down. But with new technology, bakers feel the impact of defrost downtime less and less.

IJ White Systems’ Coil Isolation Technology (CIT) allows refrigeration blast freezing coils to freeze continuously without stopping for defrost. Individual sections of the refrigeration coils can defrost independently, which means the entire blast freezer does not need to defrost. Blast freezers with CIT eliminate the need to halt production for defrost.

JBT FoodTech developed a Sequential Defrost capability that enables freezers to run a week or more without downtime. “With the GYRoCOMPACT freezers, customers get the benefit of a small compact freezer that can still run for long periods of time, which the baking industry really likes to do,” said John Larson, senior freezer applications engineer, JBT FoodTech.