Particulates can add flavor, a healthy halo and some visual flair to bread or rolls; however, on the production line, many of these ingredients are seen as allergens. While cheese can make dough stickier than normal, and fruit pieces need to remain intact throughout production, nuts and seeds raise some sanitation concerns. “One of the things we see a lot with artisan-style breads is the inclusion of allergens — nuts and seeds — that can cause an issue,” said Eric Riggle, vice-president, Rademaker USA.

Production lines running bread products with and without these particulates require washdown capabilities. “You have to have a machine that can be easily cleaned,” said Merle Cooper, Adamatic sales manager, Belshaw Adamatic Bakery Group.

Simplifying sanitation also results in quick changeovers between products with allergens and products without, according to Stephen Marquardt, sales director, Zeppelin Systems USA.

Rademaker USA designs all its equipment with washdown capabilities. Moline Machinery’s low-stress dough former features easy disassembly for improved sanitation and maintenance. Topos Mondial builds its dough trough elevator controls and motors to handle a washdown environment.