JEROS commercial pan, pot and utensil washers provide high output in a reduced footprint while conserving water and energy. Renowned among European food processors for more than 50 years, the company’s washers are now in stock and available in the US. JEROS washers, available in three models for various capacity requirements, all feature an overhead opening hood, permitting access to the washing cavity from three sides while reducing overhead space requirements. Moving wash frames have nozzles fixed on all four sides providing complete coverage of all surfaces of items being cleaned. Rinse temperatures of 185°F ensure full sanitation and rapid drying. In addition to its pan, pot and utensil washer line, JEROS-USA also provides industrial tunnel washers and its unique “waterless baking tray cleaning system.” JEROS is also represented by Unifiller Systems, Inc. and All-Bake Technologies. Phone (312) 261-6004;