Radio Frequency Co.’s Macrowave post-baking dryers use radio frequency (RF) energy that preferentially heats and dries the moist areas of cookies, crackers and snack foods to eliminate surface checking and control moisture and color. Capable of increasing productivity by 30% or more, these dryers allow bakers maintain their oven settings and achieve the product color goals in the last third of an oven line. RF heating is a highly efficient, direct form of heating where no energy is wasted heating large volumes of air or preheating the system itself. The instant-on, instant-off technology only uses energy during the treatment process. Developed for high-volume cookie production, Macrowave post-baking dryers quickly and efficiently remove residual moisture trapped within the center of the product, permitting conventional ovens to run at the maximum speed that a product can be produced with the correct loft, crumb structure and color. These RF dryers are available with bands up to 64 in. wide.
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