As discussion of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) ramps up among American consumers, MGP Ingredients has announced that all its specialty proteins and starches are derived from non-GMO wheat.
“Unease about what some advocacy groups consider unknown safety risks and other possible ramifications continue to fuel debates over the acceptance and viability of GMO products,” said David Whitmer, MGP corporate director of quality, R&D and innovation. “This situation has the potential to impact broader consumer perceptions, thus increasing demand for GMO-free alternatives and calling for package labeling to proclaim the difference.”
In the past two years, voters in some states approved initiatives to mandate such labeling while other such efforts failed. “However, public interest in GMO labeling has caused the introduction of bills and ballot initiatives in 30 states,” Mr. Whitmer observed.
The World Health Organization (WHO) defined GMOs as “organisms which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally.” Common GMO grain crops include corn and soy varieties modified to provide crop protection, especially from diseases and herbicides.
No commercial GMO wheat currently grows in the US. Mr. Whitmer noted that this fact further ensures MGP’s proteins and starches come only from non-GMO wheat.
The company’s website offers more information about the non-GMO status of its ingredients and outlines a full roster of applications for these proteins and starches.
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