Topos Mondial now offers a heavy-duty horizontal overtilt three-roller-bar mixer. This mixer is offered in several sizes — ranging from 800 to 1,600 lb — and is made with an all-stainless steel sanitary design. There is no gearbox to oil, and a superior sanitary design lends itself to fast and easy cleaning with full access to all surfaces, inside and out. The design is based on the proven J.H. Day Type B Hercules bowl shape and offers efficient and fast mixing of yeast-raised doughs. The bowl is fully jacketed with extra heavy duty jacket reinforcement. The jacket comes with a five-year no-leak warranty and can be bolted on or fully welded as per the customer’s preferences. The mixer is driven by a high-efficiency, two-seed main drive motor with low-maintenance timing belt drives. Premium timing belts and roller bearings are installed throughout, and improved main shaft seal access area leads to ease of seal sanitation and maintenance. A heavy-duty, all-stainless steel weldment frame design helps for improved longevity and solid performance.
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