? US Patent No. 7,678,403 (March 16, 2010), C. Mitchell, et al., assigned to CRM IP LLC, Stockton, CA.

Selected unbroken whole-grain rice is washed, or whole-grain corn is reduced in size, and made into an aqueous slurry that is wet milled to release all the protein, fat, fiber and starch components normally held in the structure of the grain. The resulting slurry can be reacted with heat to gelatinize the starch and the subsequent product dried. The heated slurry containing the liberated components also can be treated to enzymatic hydrolysis via liquefaction and optionally saccharification, producing whole-grain rice milk products having diverse carbohydrate components. The whole-grain milk products are characterized by a nutritional profile containing substantially all the nutritional components of the whole grain, being an opaque whole milk colloid, having smooth texture vs. pulpiness, lacking in all bitterness normally associated with whole-grain products and having a variety of sweetness levels from non-sweet to very sweet.