ROME — The Food and Agriculture Organization (F.A.O.), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (I.F.A.D.) and the World Food Programme (W.F.P.) on Nov. 16 approved a strategy for collaboration on implementing comprehensive, sustainable food security solutions.

"Leveraging the combined expertise and comparative advantages of the three Rome-based food agencies is crucial to achieve results and the historic opportunities created by the L’Aquila food security initiative and the reform of CFS," the organizations said. "Our experience and success of working together with the U.N. family, international financial institutions and other partners to scale up aid to millions of smallholders and other vulnerable people hit by higher food prices, and to support the implementation of the €1 billion E.U. food facility, confirm the key and indispensable role of the agencies in the global food security architecture."

The agencies will address overlaps, find additional synergies and become more efficient. Action plans set to be developed include food insecurity and hunger related to climate change, while pilot action plans will cover enhanced collaboration to support transition from relief to recovery and development in some countries, and alignment of early warning/monitoring information systems to enhance food security reporting and overview.