CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Lance Inc. has made considerable progress toward the re-launch of a cookie line sold under the Archway brand, according to the company.

Lance, which acquired Archway out of bankruptcy in December 2008, began shipping Archway cookies again in January. The company is baking and marketing the top 21 Archway items, said John Baist, vice-president of customer development. He said two Salerno butter cookies with a strong presence in the Midwest are being shipped as well.

"We have made very good progress in reestablishing the brand across all accounts," he said. "We are resetting stores and have released the holiday program. I am very happy with our progress and the work that the entire Lance team has done to make this as seamless as possible."

Mr. Baist said feedback from customers about the re-launch has been very positive. The line currently is being shipped to many of Lance’s largest customers across many states, he said.

"We are right where we expected to be from an initial re-launch perspective and are expecting all customers will have their sections reset by June," Mr. Baist said. "We are projecting that the brand could be well over $75 million in sales, but that will take some additional time to deliver on this target."

To promote the brand, Mr. Baist said Lance will communicate to consumers "through multiple media vehicles."

"In addition, there will be trade support to announce that Archway is back at your favorite retailer," he said.

Archway’s production facilities had been closed abruptly in early October with the bankruptcy. Lance agreed to pay approximately $30 million for substantially all of the assets of Archway Cookies L.L.C. Lance is operating the Archway baking plant in Ashland, Ohio.