MILWAUKEE, WIS. — Lesaffre Yeast Corp. North America has launched SAF-Instant Premium High Power instant dry yeast.

"The … performance of SAF-Instant Premium enables bakers to choose the optional benefit of achieving faster proofing time or using less yeast while maintaining their current proofing time," said John N. Riesch, president.

The new product is more tolerant to cold water and is available as SAF-Instant Premium in 1-lb packages, 20 per case, and as SAF-Instant Purple in 50-lb bulk vacuum packs.

"In creating SAF-Instant Premium, we have applied the latest improvement in strain selection, fermentation and drying technology to produce a yeast with a faster rate of fermentation," said Arnaud Deniaud, director of technical services and product development.

Lesaffre provides the Red Star and SAF brand yeast and ingredients to commercial bakers through the United States and Canada.