BOSTON — Oldways and the Latino Nutrition Coalition (L.N.C.) on Sept. 15 released "Latino Living: A Guide to Better Health Through Traditional Food and Active Lifestyles." The guide, which originally was designed for health professionals and dietitians, has been updated to fit the needs of consumers as well, according to Oldways.

For consumers, the 25-page kit provides a 7-day Healthy Latino Meal Plan, with recipes and grocery list; a bilingual Latino Lifestyle Calendar; a new, illustrated, bilingual Latin American Diet Pyramid, with basic guidelines to help plan daily meals; and several items in both English and Spanish, including a list of Latin American super foods, kitchen strategies, tips for children and tips on how to exercise.

For health professionals, the kit also provides statistics concerning obesity, nutrition, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer rates occurring in the Latin American population, as well as weekly goal tracking and 24-hour recall sheets.

The L.N.C. is an Oldways’ educational program inspiring Latinos to improve and maintain their health through traditional foods and active lifestyles. The L.N.C. creates practical, culturally-aware materials in English and Spanish that help Latinos combine the best of their healthy food traditions with the realities of modern American life.

Consumers, health professionals and registered dietitians may request the free resources by e-mailing or calling Adriene Worthington at or (617) 896-4876.