Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), Robesonia, PA, introduces a new Stackable Chip System that enables the efficient, high-volume production of fabricated stackable fried chips.

The Stackable Chip System is a modular production system capable of producing between 250-750 kg/hr depending on the fryer capacity. The system includes the mixing system, sheeter and rotary cutting station, but the fryer is not supplied by RBS. The Stackable Chip System features an Exact Mixing FX Continuous Mixing System that was specifically designed for this chip process to consistently distribute moisture throughout the potato dough.

“An important feature of this new stackable chip system is its ability to produce consistent results,” said David Kuipers, vice president, sales & marketing. “The continuous mixing process eliminates batch cycle variations and creates consistent and appealing product textures. With the RBS Stackable Chip System, final product quality is assured and is fully repeatable.”

After the mixing system, a single-reduction, two-roll sheeter discharges a continuous dough sheet directly onto the rotary cutter in-feed conveyor. The die roll on the rotary cutter separates the dough sheet into distinct shapes. The rotary cutter may be ordered with two die rolls to allow for a more efficient changeover between product types or sizes.


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