ST. PAUL, MINN. — CHS Inc. announced it will dissolve United Harvest, a joint venture company owned equally by CHS Inc. and United Grain Corp., a Mitsui company, by May 31, 2011. The United Harvest joint venture was formed in December 1998 to combine the companies’ wheat and barley operations in the western United States.

“CHS has carefully considered its successful 12-year partnership with Mitsui in United Harvest and has made the determination that it is best to dissolve the joint venture,” said Rick Browne, senior vice-president, CHS grain marketing. “We appreciate the significant value United Harvest has provided for CHS and its stakeholders. However, it has become clear that CHS needs to move in a new direction. CHS pledges to continue to uphold its commitment to ensure long-term, competitive market access in the Pacific Northwest for its stakeholders and customers.”

Once dissolved, management of the Vancouver, Wash., export terminal will return to United Grain Corp., and management of the Kalama, Wash., export terminal will return to CHS.