COBOURG, ONT. — Weston Foods said it will receive C$2,448,825 ($2,433,186) in public funding from the Ontario Rural Economic Development Program to move its Ready Bake Foods baked and par-baked goods facility in Cobourg to a newly renovated facility in the same city.

“As a city we are pleased and excited to partner with the province to help support Weston Foods Canada and Ready Bake Foods Inc. improve their operations in Cobourg,” said Peter Delanty, mayor of Cobourg. “This project supports local food processing, Ontario farmers and has the potential to generate up to 60 new job opportunities in the future.”

Ed Holik, president of Ready Bake Foods, said the support of the Cobourg community has been “instrumental” to the company’s success in the province.

“With the newly renovated facility in Cobourg, Ready Bake Foods will be able to continue to expand our product lines, increase sales, and create jobs for the community,” Mr. Holik said.

Operating since 1985 as Weston Foods’ frozen bakery division, Ready Bake Foods makes frozen dough and pre-proofed, par-baked and fully baked products, including bread, pies, rolls and sweet goods.