MINNEAPOLIS — Olympic gold medalists Lindsey Vonn, Shaun White and Seth Wescott have been chosen to appear on specially-marked boxes of Wheaties beginning in April.

Mr. White and Mr. Wescott are the first snowboard and snowboard cross athletes to earn a spot on the cereal box, while Ms. Vonn is the first female Alpine skier to win gold and appear on a Wheaties box.

“Shaun, Lindsey and Seth carry the Wheaties torch with a competitive spirit and sensational athleticism that demands nationwide recognition,” said Dan Stangler, marketing manager for Wheaties, a General Mills, Inc. brand. “Few athletes leave the kind of lasting impression on fans as our Wheaties champs do following their respective winter sport competitions. They are superb role models and embody the talent, heart and strength that make up today’s Breakfast of Champions roster.”