MINNEAPOLIS — Horizon Milling, L.L.C., a joint venture between CHS Inc. and Cargill, has launched EcoFlour sustainability solutions, a customizable ingredient program that combines satellite imagery and soil samples to use fertilizer more efficiently to reduce energy inputs and improve yields. The program was introduced at the International Baking Industry Exposition taking place Sept. 26-29 in Las Vegas.

Horizon said its EcoFlour program allows farmers to use information to apply nutrients to the crop precisely where it is needed through the use of satellite imagery and soil samples.

“With our new EcoFlour sustainability solutions, we design customized programs that link the technology and the supply chain from the farmer to the bakery to help customers execute against their sustainability focus areas,” said Kyle Marinkovich, marketing manager for Horizon Milling. “Whether it be reducing carbon in their supply chains or developing new products that satisfy demands of eco-conscious consumers, we can design a solution that helps meet their unique needs.”