WINNIPEG, MAN. — Cargill said it will build a new grain terminal in McLennan, Alta., the same site of a recently opened crop inputs distribution center. The 28,000-tonne grain terminal, which is set to open in the fall of 2012, will double Cargill’s grain-handling capacity in the area, the company said.

“We are committed to investing in the Peace river region and are proud to be able to provide our valued producers with a truly customer-driven facility to meet their evolving farm business needs,” said Mike Witkowicz, manager of Cargill AgHorizons Farm Service Group.

Cargill said the facility will be able to load rail cars at a rate of 50,000 bus per hour, meaning the company will be able to load 104 rail cars in less than 12 hours, making it one of the most efficient grain terminals in northern Alberta.

In addition to the grain facility, the crop inputs distribution center includes a 5,000-square-foot chemical and seed shed, a 240-tonne fertilizer blending tower and two 50-tonne bins for straight product loading. The fertilizer distribution and blending system will allow Cargill to load out around 8 Super B loads per hour. The improvements also will enable farmers to transport grain and load fertilizer in one trip, allowing for more efficient and economical hauling and freight. A 13,000-tonne fertilizer shed also will open later this fall.

“By providing physical elevator space we have been able to address a key farm business need,” Mr. Witkowicz said. “Also, critical to our customer’s success, is the ability to market their grain. Cargill will provide physical grain elevator capacity and our grain marketing knowledge and tools to help our farm customers succeed.”