URMOND, THE NETHERLANDS, and SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. — NutraCea and the DSM Innovation Center will share existing patented and proprietary intellectual property and know-how to investigate extraction and modifications of vegetable proteins from rice bran under a joint research and development agreement, the two companies said Aug. 15.

DSM Innovation Center, based in Urmond, is part of Royal DSM N.V. NutraCea, based in Scottsdale, produces and markets stabilized rice bran, rice bran oil and their derivative products.

“Their proprietary and patented technologies and expertise in the field of rice bran combined with DSM’s technology base in bio-based products form the perfect platform to tackle this plant-based protein challenge,” said Rob van Leen, chief innovation officer at DSM.

The agreement between the two companies provides an opportunity for the development and potential commercialization of protein from rice bran targeted to human food and ingredient applications, said W. John Short, chief executive officer of NutraCea.

“To feed a growing world population, additional alternative sources of protein will become increasingly important,” he said. “The intrinsic product characteristics of rice bran — hypoallergenic, gluten-free, full range of amino acids, and easy digestibility leading to high bioavailability — can serve as a value additional protein source for our growing world population.”