SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ., and WIJGMAAL, BELGIUM — NutraCea will produce stabilized rice bran for exclusive distribution by Beneo-Remy under the RemyLiVe brand in more than 40 countries in the continents of Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia/New Zealand under an agreement entered into on Sept. 29. The products will be co-branded and will carry NutraCea logos and trademarks.

NutraCea, Scottsdale, also will work with Beneo-Remy, Wijgmaal, on a non-exclusive basis to develop applications for RiSolubles, RiFiber, RiBalance and defatted rice bran products.

“We are very pleased to announce our alliance with Beneo-Remy to expand the sales of our best-in-market stabilized rice bran products,” said W. John Short, chief executive officer of NutraCea. “Beneo-Remy has 150 years of experience in rice derivatives from white rice and currently distributes to over 70 countries around the globe. By combining our best-of-breed technology with Beneo-Remy’s global distribution capabilities, we expect to achieve a significant increase in sales and profitability for both companies.”

Dominique Speleers, commercial managing director for Beneo-Remy, said, “We are pleased to be the exclusive partner in distribution of S.R.B. (stabilized rice bran) from NutraCea, whose bran stabilization technology is seen as the gold standard in the industry. In addition to being hypoallergenic, gluten-free and rich in antioxidants and phytosterols, NutraCea’s stabilized rice bran also expands our product by offering a whole grain product line, which is in line with the ongoing trend.”