DECATUR, ILL. — Weighing in on what has become a highly contentious issue, Archer Daniels Midland Co. said it would work with growers to find a way to market Syngenta Agrisure Viptera corn. The statement comes following the filing of a lawsuit by Syngenta Seeds against Bunge North America over Bunge’s refusal to take delivery of Viptera (see related stories, beginning on Page 16). While it has gained regulatory approval in many key markets, Viptera has yet to be approved by China or the European Union. As such, ADM’s grain purchase contracts would restrict the purchase of Viptera. “Our grain purchase contracts contain language explaining that we only accept grain approved for commercial use in the European Union,” ADM said. “We have this language in our contracts because we sell corn products to customers in the E.U. Provided that growers give us written notice prior to delivery, we will try to work with them to identify marketing opportunities for grain that’s not approved for commercial use in the E.U. We need the advance written notice so that we can make merchandising decisions regarding the grain and so that we can ensure the integrity of our supply chain and our exports — integrity that helps ensure long-term demand for U.S. crops.”