WEST FARGO, N.D. — Cargill announced it will invest more than $50 million to rebuild and expand its oilseed processing plant in West Fargo. Construction is expected to start later this fall with completion anticipated in time for the 2013 harvest.

“The existing facility has served us well since we built it 30 years ago, and we are now looking at rebuilding it to meet the needs of our customers for the next 30 years,” said Jaysen Schock, facility manager. “While the total number of full-time jobs of 83 may not change much after the rebuild, the project will keep the facility as a viable business many years ahead.”

The facility processes canola and sunflower seeds into edible oil for food processing and food service businesses, flaxseed for linseed oil for industrial use, and protein meal for animal feed.

“Through this project, we will modestly increase sunflower and flaxseed processing, plus significantly increase our production of canola oil,” Mr. Schock said. He noted the West Fargo facility plays a crucial role in the North American oilseed market, filling the need to supply customers with specialty products such as canola oil.