NORTHFIELD, ILL. – A range of promotional activities emphasizing a world that was nearly inconceivable 100 years ago was announced today by Kraft Foods Inc. to mark the centennial of the Oreo sandwich cookie.

Urging consumers to “slow down” and enjoy “carefree fun” Kraft is asking for submissions on its web page and on its Oreo Facebook page. The company hopes to log 1 million different submissions of “Oreo moments.”

“Fans can share how they’ve let their inner child free by posting a photo, story or video to the Oreo Moments Gallery,” the company said. “The ‘Million Moments Meter’ will track submissions, one heartwarming moment at a time, so fans can see what others are doing all around the world. People are already sharing moments, such as a father and his daughter sharing an Oreo cookie and milk over webcams.”

In addition to its on-line initiative, Kraft will flex its global muscle by conducting celebration activities in nearly two dozen countries, totaling more than 100 birthday parties. The company said it will surprise consumers in the United States with so-called “flash birthday parties” in seven cities. These will include a concert featuring a special guest in Los Angeles, as well as a celebration on Capitol Hill.

In China, a fireworks show at the Shanghai Bund will be held. The Oriental Pearl tower will be turned Oreo blue in the background in commemoration of the brand.

“A celebration bus tour will stop in 100 cities and towns, bringing games and activities such as a jungle gym, trampoline and ‘Bungie Dunking,’” Kraft said.

Other activities announced by Kraft include the construction of a park and playground in Indonesia, piñata parties in Venezuela and a celebration in Dubai at the world’s largest shopping mall.

“The celebrations will be captured through video and photos, and shared in real-time on the Oreo Facebook page for fans in more than 200 countries to enjoy,” Kraft said.

The company said it plans to unveil new products as part of the anniversary celebration, including birthday Oreos featuring colorful sprinkles.

Birthday Cake Oreo cookies will be available in the United States, China, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Canada beginning as early as mid-February.

Kraft said it has launched new global advertising, to be seen across digital, in-store, print and television in multiple countries.

“The print advertising features Oreo in some of the most iconic moments of the last century, from soccer becoming a much-loved global pastime to the making of ‘Jaws,’ the movie,” Kraft said. “The TV ad spots celebrate the Oreo and milk moment by showing adults and kids sharing a cookie and milk in everyday situations.”

Kraft said in the fall, a multinational Oreo event will be held in in New York City for selected Oreo ambassadors from 13 different countries.

The company said the Oreo was created March 6, 1912, when two decoratively embossed chocolate biscuits were brought together with a crème filling. The first Oreo was sold in Hoboken, N.J. Kraft said annual Oreo revenues today exceed $2 billion worldwide.