MINNEAPOLIS — The Grains for Health Foundation on April 4 coordinated a “flash mob” in front of Coffman Memorial Union on the University of Minnesota’s campus during the lunch hour. As part of the event, which coincided with the first national Whole Grains Sampling Day, students from the university’s food science and nutrition sector danced to the tune of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota’s “Do-Groove” song.

Following the performance, the volunteers distributed an informational flier on the benefits of whole grains as well as free samples of whole grain foods, which were provided by MOM Brands and Kraft Foods Inc.

Next month, the Grains for Health Foundation will host the Whole Grains Summit 2012 in Minneapolis May 20-22. For more information visit www.cce.umn.edu/Whole-Grains-Summit-2012/index.html.