BENNETTSBRIDGE, IRELAND — Kells Wholemeal, one of Ireland’s oldest millers and suppliers of bakery products, has received permission to use the Whole Grain Stamp of the Whole Grains Council, making it one of the first companies in Ireland to feature the stamp.

The Whole Grain Stamp, which guarantees that Kells Wholemeal’s new whole grain products are 100% whole grain, is part of a larger whole grain health awareness campaign Kells is launching in 200 artisan bakeries throughout Ireland.

"The stamp is reassurance to the consumer that our products are authentic," said Bill Mosse, managing director of Kells Wholemeal. "We have created two whole grain breads — a traditional soda bread and a yeast bread. The challenge was to meet the strict criteria of the Council while making the bread as tasty as possible. We went through a lengthy process in our test bakery to achieve the correct taste and we’re very happy with the end result."

Kells supplies wholemeal and pre-mix bread and cake products to the Irish bakery industry. The company’s products include wholemeals, pre-mixes, seeds, malts, oils, cake boards, fruit and flours.

The Whole Grain Stamp, which was launched in the United States in 2005, is expanding globally and has been appearing on packaging in Canada and the United Kingdom since 2008.