Cargill, Minneapolis, has launched a Spanish-language version of its global texturizing web site at

"Whether the web site is the first port of call for a company or used as an ongoing information resource, speaking our customers’ language at the outset is vital to help clarify their needs, as well as improve the speed and quality of our response," said Christine Nicolay, global communications manager for Cargill Texturizing Solutions.

Cargill runs a production facility and a meat applications center in Rubi, Spain. In Latin America and Central America, the company has a technical service laboratory and a production plant in Mexico City; sales offices in the Caribbean Islands; and sales offices and an application center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"By speaking the same language both on the ground and on-line we can ensure that we develop and deliver products that precisely fit our customers’ requirements in terms of texture, process, cost and quality," Ms. Nicolay said.

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