NEW CENTURY, KAS. — Natamax B, a natural antimicrobial, inhibits mold growth on the surface of bakery products, according to Danisco. Flavor is not affected. Natamax B does not migrate into the product because of its low solubility in water.

Natamycin, a natural inhibitor produced by bacterial fermentation, is the active compound in Natamax B. Natamycin has been used safely in foods such as shredded cheese and beverages since the 1970s.

Natamax B is effective at low concentrations and is active over a pH range of 3 to 9. Because it is used at low levels of 7 to 20 parts per million (p.p.m.), Natamax B may be comparable in cost-in-use to synthetic preservatives and lower in cost-in-use than other natural inhibitors, according to Danisco. Natamax B has been shown to work when used in combination with lower doses of other in-dough antimicrobials, resulting in flavor and cost benefits.