COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — The new Natamax B Plus, a patent-pending complex composed of natamycin and gamma-cyclodextrin, is three times more effective in controlling yeast and mold when sprayed on baked foods than the same concentration of pure natamycin, according to Copenhagen-based Danisco. The increased potency is due to its greater solubility in water and consequent dispersion when sprayed, which ensures optimal dosing on baked foods.

Ninety-eight per cent of the natamycin in Natamax B Plus dissolves instantly in water. Tests have shown Natamax B Plus to remain effective after seven weeks of shelf life in orange juice. The visual appeal of beverage is maintained as Natamax B Plus provides a clear solution with negligible sedimentation. It has been shown to work safely in beverages with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) added.