Exact Mixing by Reading Bakery Systems’ new Hydrobond Technology provides uniform hydration to dry ingredients without adding heat to the dough before it enters the continuous mixer. The product delivers instant, even hydration of a dry ingredient stream, typically flour, with shorter mixing time and less energy.

Jim Warren, vice-president, Exact Mixing, Reading Bakery Systems, said the company was looking for ways to make continuous mixers more efficient while producing more uniform hydration. “What we created was a different technology that not only meets our initial goals of improving the efficiency of continuous mixers but also can, in many circumstances, stand alone to make a variety of products.”

When used with a continuous mixer, Hydrobond Technology speeds up the process allowing for the use of a smaller mixer, which means a smaller footprint and lower equipment and energy costs. The unit is installed on top of a continuous mixer or tank and can be retrofitted to existing systems. Because it is mounted on another piece of equipment, no additional floor space is required. The size of a 15,000 lb-per-hour unit is no more than 2 ft by 3 ft.

“Although Hydrobond is based on the latest mixing technology, the design itself is not complicated,” Mr. Warren said.

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