To address cost and solubility issues, Sweet Green Fields offers the Optimizer Stevia range. With this stevia ingredient, formulators have a high-intensity sweetener with high solubility and lower cost-in-use. Optimizer Stevia is a range of stevia sweeteners ranging from RA80 to RA97 with up to 30% lower cost. 

“Regular stevia products with lower RA purity tend to be highly soluble but exhibit a detectable bitterness or linger aftertaste,” said Mel Jackson, PhD, Sweet Green Fields chief science officer. “However, when you increase RA purity to improve the taste, cost typically rises and solubility becomes an issue. Our innovative Optimizer Stevia line provides manufacturers with a highly soluble sweetening solution that typically enables a lower cost in use without sacrificing taste.” 

With this new line of stevia ingredients formulators can reach up to 50% sugar replacement and enjoy solubility better suited to high-concentration stevia applications. 

Sweet Green Fields recently partnered with Tate & Lyle, giving customers of Tate & Lyle access to Sweet Green Fields’ stevia ingredients. 

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