When replacing PHO-containing emulsifiers with non-PHO containing emulsifiers, it’s important that bakers don’t miss a beat in terms of functionality, operational efficiency or finished product quality.

Reliability without phos

Without a functional emulsifier, bakers can expect reduced volume, crumb softness and shelf life. Emulsion stability prevents oil or water from seeping out, depending on the application. Starch complexing and oxidative stability aid in producing a soft crumb and putting off staling. Removing phos has an impact on these functions and, therefore, the final product that comes out of the oven or freezer.

With the development of its pho-free emulsifiers, Corbion’s main goal was to create ingredients that wouldn’t have a negative impact on quality and consistency.

“One of the biggest challenges of removing phos from products is ensuring reliable quality and consistency,” Mr. Robertson said. “Corbion’s SweetPro emulsifiers are specifically designed to help sweet baked goods manufacturers maintain the taste, texture and consistency of their products while removing phos — it’s a win-win.”

The Ensemble line of emulsifiers also provides bakers with non-pho emulsifying that maintains flavor and texture. 

When attempting to replace any ingredient in a formulation, testing and expertise are critical. Each application and every bakery’s process are different, with various needs and variables.

“There are certain processes and functionalities within application formulations that need to be taken into account when converting from phos, from texture, flavor and shelf stability to machineability, ease-of-use and dough handling,” Mr. Robertson said. Working closely with R.&D. experts at an ingredient supplier can help bakers find the right solution. 

“Corbion works side-by-side with its customers to test and validate formulations to ensure they are delivering products of the highest quality, freshness and flavor,” Mr. Robertson continued. 

As Kerry helped its customers make the transition, it had the benefit of international experience weeding out phos from its ingredients early.

“The pho ruling only affected a handful of Kerry products as we had already proactively reduced the number of emulsifiers made from phos over the years to comply with similar trends and varying global regulations that were restricting trans fatty acids,” Mr. Cottrell explained. The company worked closely with its customers running trials to ensure a smooth transition with minimal inconvenience for its customers as they phased phos out of their formulations. 

With the help of food scientists, bakery formulators can replace their traditional emulsifiers with non-pho emulsifiers and maintain functionality, operational efficiency and product quality. All it takes is a bit of testing.