American Society of Baking
Members of the A.S.B. Safety & Sanitation Committee include equipment manufacturers and users.

The American Society of Baking (A.S.B.) is accepting new members into the A.S.B. Safety & Sanitation Committee. The committee manages safety and sanitation industry standards that are monitored by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The guidelines include two specific focus areas: the ANSI Z50.1 standard of equipment safety and the ANSI Z50.2 standard for baking sanitation.

Equipment manufacturers, equipment users and general interest participants from the baking industry are welcome to apply for membership. Equipment users, such as bakers, are highly sought after to maintain the committee’s policy of interest group balance.

Members are responsible for proposing and voting on new standards, maintaining current standards and responding to requests for interpretations of the standards.

To apply and learn more about the committee,