Nellson's new facility is loacted in Ontario, Calif.

ANAHEIM, CALIF. — Setting a new standard in nutrition bar manufacturing, Nellson Nutraceutical L.L.C.’s new operation in Ontario, Calif., includes the latest bar processing technology and capabilities.

“In selecting the Ontario site, it was critically important to us that the new facility be within a short drive from our existing location, as we wanted to retain our experienced workforce and all their bar-making expertise,” said Jamie Better, chief executive officer of Nellson. “We’re delighted that over 80% of our Irwindale employees agreed to transfer to Ontario.”

As a North American formulator and manufacturer of nutritional bar and functional powder products, Nellson’s goal was to build a world-class nutrition bar facility that provides a first-rate working environment for employees, R.&D. expertise and the latest process and manufacturing innovations for nutrition bars. 

What Nellson began building in 2016 is now a 300,000-square-foot facility, which the company said will help meet customers’ evolving demands in a market across multiple segments, including sports performance, wellness, weight management, functional and medical nutrition.   

The facility offers a streamlined layout with segregated lines for brand confidentiality, allergen control, food safety, efficient sanitation and flexible production. Its in-line processing capabilities enable new formats such as extruded bites and triple-layered bars, and its in-line dual mixing capabilities can blend a range of ingredients. The facility also includes an R.&D. Collaboration Center to support customer formulation, commercial scale-up and consumer testing. 

“The Nellson team is extremely excited to share new capabilities and technologies with our brand partners as we work together to create some of the industry’s latest on-trend nutrition bar formats,” said Jean Filion, chief operating officer and president of Nellson. “Our new R.&D. Collaboration Center enhances our ability to work with brand partners on the next generation of bars, providing custom formulation, benchtop replication and consumer samples and testing.” 

The investment in the new facility as well as the purchase of Genysis Brand Solutions are Nellson’s most recent steps under the ownership of Kohlberg & Company.