the 2018 T.I.A. Europe Technical Conference will be held Sept. 6-7 in Amsterdam.

AMSTERDAM — After selling out its inaugural T.I.A. Europe Technical Conference in 2017, the Tortilla Industry Association (T.I.A.) has announced that the show will become an annual event.

“We created the T.I.A. Europe conference in response to growing demand from our members in Europe, and when we held it last year, it was so oversold that it became clear that there was enough need for it to be made a regular event,” said Jim Kabbani, chief executive officer of T.I.A.

In 2018, the conference will be held Sept. 6-7 in Amsterdam. The show will bring together professionals from a variety of countries to discuss tortilla manufacturing conditions specific to the European market. Education sessions will cover topics such as fortification, taste masking ingredients, tortilla production, regulatory issues and packaging. 

“Many of the companies — both producers and suppliers — are only found in Europe and not in the U.S., so this event provides a unique opportunity to network together,” Mr. Kabbani said.

However, this doesn’t mean that American companies should skip the conference. He noted that U.S. businesses looking to expand into the European market could also benefit from attending the show and becoming familiar with challenges unique to the area.

Registration for the 2018 T.I.A. Europe Technical Conference is currently open. To learn more,click here