FARGO, N.D. — Dakota Specialty Milling Co., one of the largest suppliers of custom-milled ingredients and whole grain blends in North America, recently celebrated an expansion dedication ceremony at its facility in Fargo. The $15 million expansion included new equipment, renovations and a land purchase, all of which will allow the company to add up to 30 new jobs.

“The positive business climate and strong state support, including the programs within the North Dakota Department of Commerce, played a significant role in our decision to expand in Fargo,” said Peter Matthaei, chief executive officer of Dakota Specialty Milling.

Founded in 1969, Dakota Specialty Milling operates five locations in Fargo and one in St. Louis. With the latest expansion in Fargo, Dakota Specialty Milling hopes to double or possibly triple production capacity at the plant.

Dakota Specialty Milling said its location in Fargo provides the company “with direct access to the many grains grown in the heartland.”

“This close proximity has allowed us to build strong relationships with our suppliers, which ensures the raw materials we buy meet our premium standards,” the company said. “From specialty product development to custom milling to product delivery, each service we provide has been designed to meet every one of our customers’ production, food safety and supply chain requirements. There’s a reason the word 'specialty' is in our name. We truly provide grains for all reasons.”

Dakota Specialty Milling’s investment in the Fargo facility was welcomed by representatives in the region.

“We’re thrilled that Dakota Specialty Milling is making such a significant investment in our state,” said Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota. “Attracting capital and talent to strengthen North Dakota communities is a priority for our administration, and that’s exactly what this expansion will do.”

John Schneider, director of the Economic Development and Finance Division within the North Dakota Department of Commerce, added, “This value-added agriculture project reflects our strong business climate and the ongoing economic development that sets North Dakota apart.”