Shick Esteve’s next generation Automated Ingredient Management (AIM) system not only manages recipes, but it also uses data to schedule production, track lots and report on ingredient accuracies. AIM resides on a flexible platform accessible on any web-enabled device.

“AIM was designed for the specific purpose of a concise production management system that anyone can use,” said Jason Stricker, director of sales and marketing. The software also integrates with major Enterprise Resource Planning databases. By reducing operator errors and tracing raw materials back to the source, AIM provides improved quality, consistency and operational efficiency.

“Data is quickly becoming the currency of the future and having the right data in your hands enables you to make decisions about your processes,” Mr. Stricker said. “The data that you are able to gather with AIM and with our Internet of Things software enables you to make these decisions faster and with greater precision.”

The software also offers different levels of secured access based on individual roles.

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