DES MOINES, IOWA — Kemin Industries has added Fortium RVC, a rosemary and ascorbic acid blend, to its antioxidant portfolio. Fortium RVC has been shown to work as an alternative to traditional tocopherols in bakery and snack applications.

“This new blend of our rosemary and ascorbic acid is a great complement to our proprietary oil-soluble green tea extract and more traditional options, such as mixed tocopherols and synthetics,” said Courtney Schwartz, principal marketing communications manager for Kemin Food Technologies. “Fortium RVC helps fill the gap between efficacy and clean label as manufacturers continue to respond to consumer demand for consumer-friendly labels.”

Fortium RVC delays the onset of lipid oxidation by using a blend of rosemary and ascorbic acid in a base such as vegetable oil. Kemin uses a proprietary grinding technology to ensure the suspension has small and uniform particles to improve the physical stability of fats/oils in each application.