LANCASTER, PA. — After a series of weak sales and a temporary shutdown, Lancaster Food Co. announced that it is seeking a buyer and new chief executive officer. The company also has paused production, so it can take time to rebuild. At the time of the announcement, a selling price was not disclosed.

The organic bakery produces six varieties of bread and a line of cookies at its 8,200-square-foot facility in Lancaster, Pa. Its customers include Whole Foods, Wegmans, Giant, Park Slope Coop, and independent stores as well as a forthcoming private label customer for single-serve, organic protein cookies.

The bakery acts as a second-chance employer in Lancaster and works to decrease the city’s rising poverty rate by paying all employees at least $15 per hour.

“The Lancaster Food Co. represents a terrific opportunity for anyone looking to get into the certified organic baked goods market,” said Charlie Crystle, former c.e.o. and co-founder at Lancaster. “We have the talent, capacity, processes, and products for the right partner with existing sales and distribution channels.”

The company shut down for eight weeks in late 2017 after losing a key investment. Operations resumed when nine investors raised $500,000 and bought an undisclosed percentage of the business.

According to the company, sales began to slow after Mr. Crystle developed a long-term illness earlier this year. This event prompted Lancaster to seek new leadership and strategic partners that could further its mission.

“Our primary goals are to produce delicious, healthful bread and to hire people who deserve a second chance,” Mr. Crystle said.

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