To offer bakers and snack manufacturers clean label protein ingredients, Manildra Group USA created three wheat protein isolates: GemPro Plus, GemPro Prime-W and GemPro Prime-E. These proteins are available in both conventional and organic formats.

“The strengths of our new proteins are unique functionality and versatility of application,” explained Brook Carson, vice-president of product development and marketing. “Better yet, they are truly clean label. One aspect that differentiates these products from others is the extremely clean flavor profile. Adding these proteins to a product will not have a negative impact on flavor. This allows an increased level of protein to be used when formulating high-protein products.”

GemPro Plus contains 85% protein content and improves the machinability of dough, especially whole grain. It also may be used as an egg replacer. With 90% protein, GemPro Prime-W aids in whipping for aeration and can enhance the texture and protein content of bakery products. GemPro Prime-E also contains 90% protein. It works well in applications where the gluten network and proper sheeting characteristics are important.

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