The P1200 Pillo-Pak from Stewart Systems is a high-speed bulk-packaging operation for industrial bun bakers looking to increase their output. Engineers designed the system with cross, side and center sealing elements for increased speed, efficiency, consistency and quality.

The machine’s safety features and sanitary design make it a high-performance solution, said Billy Rinks, national sales account manager, North America, for Stewart Systems. It can increase throughput by 25% to 30% and reduce the cripple rate of packages, providing higher overall efficiency for a baker.

“As production rates increase, the trend was adding another Pillo-Pak to an already overcrowded area of the bakery,” Mr. Rinks said. “With this new design, one machine can handle the production in most plants, and two machines will most certainly handle all of the production.”

The bulk packer produces quality seals, and its improved grouper allows for better holding of each lane and greater product variability down to a 2.5-in. diameter.

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