FARGO, N.D. — With the launch of its sustainability program, Healthy Food Ingredients (HFI), a group of specialty ingredient brands, seeks to display its good stewardship when distributing healthy ingredients, or what the company calls “seeds of sustainability.” The program’s overarching motto is: “Good for business. Good for people. Good for the land.”

Part of the effort to be good for business incorporates supporting and reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), said Laura Grinde, HFI’s sustainability coordinator.

“We are Sedex members and have committed to conducting a SMETA audit in each of our facilities by 2020, with two of our four facilities already having completed the audit,” she explained.

HFI’s goal to be good for people includes empowering its employees as well as helping them commit to a healthy lifestyle. For example, the company recently became an infant-friendly business that supports breastfeeding mothers in the workplace. The company also gives back to its community in the form of charitable donations and volunteering.

When it comes to being good for the land, HFI applied recycling initiatives within its facility to reduce landfill. Ms. Grinde said HFI has reduced its landfill volumes by more than 20% during the initiative’s first year.

As the first ingredient supplier and processor to become Certified Transition, HFI works with farms to transition acres to organic certification, contracting more than 7,000 acres over the past four years. The company also supports the regenerative agriculture movement as it strives to create synergies between growers and customers.

“We hold a genuine passion to live up to our name, Healthy Food Ingredients, in everything we do,” Ms. Grinde said. “That passion starts with our growers and continues through our HFI family members to our customers. We are continually looking for ways we can expand our sustainability program through partnerships with our employees, growers, suppliers, customers and our communities.”