LOS ANGELES — Soylent Nutrition, Inc. is expanding its lineup to include Soylent Squared, a mini-meal bar.

Available in three flavors — chocolate brownie, salted caramel and citrus berry — each bar contains 100 calories, 36 nutrients, 5 grams of plant protein, 3 grams of sugar and probiotics. 

“There are a lot of bars out there but most are high in sugar, use less sustainable animal-derived protein and often lack the nutrients that your body needs to thrive,” said Bryan Crowley, chief executive officer. “We developed Soylent Squared to allow our customers to portion out the nutrition they need when they need it; you can enjoy 1-2 for a healthy snack or 3-4 for a complete meal.”

Known for its variety of soy-based meal replacement beverages and powders, the company’s newest product was created under the same guidelines as the existing ready-to-drink and powder lines, which include 26 vitamins and minerals, nine amino acids and two essential fatty acids. 

Soylent Squared is the company’s second attempt to enter the bar category. According to Eater, the business began selling Soylent Food Bars in August 2016 but ceased production the following October because some consumers were becoming ill after eating them. 

Soylent Squared is available for $30 per case, which contains 30 bars, on www.soylent.com.