Kevin Stevens had forklifts, equipment and every other detail ready when the crew arrived from Germany this summer to shoot the IBIE virtual bakery tour of Klosterman Baking Co.’s new facility in Boone county, Ky.

“I told them, ‘I’m going to tell you the best place to put every camera. I’m going to give the person who is viewing this a perspective that they don’t normally get while in a bakery. It was fun,” recalled Mr. Stevens, vice-president of operations. “With virtual tours, you’re always worried how the plant will show and show well. We wanted to show every line running at the same time and make the bakery look its best in the tour.”

Klosterman’s Boone county virtual reality bakery tour is making its debut along with a tour of More Than a Bakery, Versailles, Ky., at the Virtual Reality Tours at IBIE, presented in partnership with iba, the international baking exposition held last year in Germany. The experience uses 360-degree videos and VR glasses to create an immersive, experiential experience for show attendees in Las Vegas. For the Klosterman’s virtual reality bakery tour, Mr. Stevens had the cameras ride along with the robotic pan handling system.

“We also put them in the spiral cooler so that you can see donuts turning from inside the cooler, which was kind of fun,” Mr. Stevens said.

If you’re in Las Vegas for this year’s IBIE, don’t miss the Virtual Bakery Tours, which also include experiences of other premier retail bakeries from across the globe.