WESTCHESTER, ILL. — An external security vendor has detected another strain of malware on the computer systems of Ingredion, Inc., the Westchester-based company said in an 8-K filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Nov. 19.

The strain of malware could present a risk to people who use Ingredion systems to access personal accounts or who have stored personal credentials on their Ingredion system. Using a work computer for conducting transactions on personal financial/banking or e-commerce platforms would be examples, according to Ingredion.

Ingredion is not aware of evidence that any employee personal information or any Ingredion business information was misappropriated. The company is working with the external vendor on the malware issue.

Ingredion initially reported computer system security issues on Oct. 15 after detecting suspicious activity affecting several servers within certain data centers. The company at that time was not aware of evidence that any customer, supplier or employee data improperly had been assessed, misused or transferred by any third party. Ingredion at that time also began working with a third-party consultant on the issue.