WASHINGTON — US maple syrup production increased in 2020 as both the number of taps and the yield per tap rose from 2019, the US Department of Agriculture said in its June 11 Crop Production report.

Maple syrup production was estimated at 4,372,000 gallons in 2020, up 4.6% from a revised 4,180,000 gallons in 2019 and the second highest on record after 4,385,000 gallons in 2017, the USDA said. The number of taps was estimated at 13,510,000, up 0.9% from 2019 but down 2.4% from 2018. Yield per tap averaged 0.324 gallon, up 3.8% from 0.312 gallon in 2019 and up 7% from 2018.

Vermont was by far the nation’s largest maple syrup producer at 2,220,000 gallons, up 7% from 2019 and accounting for 51% of the US total. New York was a distant second at 804,000 gallons, down 2% from 2019, with Maine third at 590,000 gallons, up 13%. Other states included in the survey were Wisconsin with production of 265,000 gallons, Michigan with 170,000 gallons, Pennsylvania with 169,000 gallons and New Hampshire with 154,000 gallons.

The average price of maple syrup in 2019 was $31 per gallon, down $2.80 per gallon, or 8%, from $33.80 per gallon in 2019 and well below a record $40.70 per gallon recorded in 2008. The average price for this year will be available in 2021, as will be 2020 production revisions.