Stewart Systems, a Middleby Bakery company, introduced a bulk packaging system for buns with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for QSR chains and restaurants currently using bulk packaging. Buns and rolls can all be packed with this MAP machine.

“This machine came after extensive shelf-life studies were conducted by Jay Fernandez in our Bakery Innovation Center as well as the team at CV-TEK who currently use this same technology in the protein industry,” said Mike Scouten, vice president of sales, Stewart Systems.

Air is removed from the bag through a vacuum and is simultaneously injected with nitrogen gas. Stewart Systems engineers found they can extend shelf life for clean label buns by more than 21 days. Impulse seals provide a 100% hermetically sealed package using 2- to 3-millimeter films. The new MAP packaging, Mr. Scouten said, gives QSRs the ability to make a “fresh never frozen” claim and reduce frequency of deliveries. It also presents an opportunity for companies in locations that do not have access to freezer distribution systems.

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